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Installation of Interlock PP Sports Floor

1. Ground preparation:

Foundation: It needs the solid and smooth foundation. The vertical deformation must be less than 5mm for 3 m straight height.

(1) Make sure the ground is clean

(2) Locate installation position for PP flooring according to the installation line, which would be better to mark by the french chalk than the ink.

2 Interlocking flooring installation method

1Take the top left corner of the ground as installation starting point, and take point A as the top left corner (as shown).

2Align the flooring pin and buckle from left to right in turn and fix them with rubber hammer (as shown).

3If the ground shape is irregular, it need to cut the flooring instantly according to the ground situation to achieve the

        ideal effect.

4Flooring edge installation method

Connect the pin side of the flooring with edge of ears in two sides. Connect the buckle side of the flooring with edge of ear in one side.

Align all the buckles and pins and fixed them with rubber hammer.

5Install the flooring corners


6Installation precautions

Do align the pins and buckles when install the flooring. Or the flooring will easily broke (as shown).

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